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Threats & Attacks

   It must be said that so far the vast majority of people have kept the matter to polite discussion, which is very respectable. Since one of our main goals is to dispel ignorance, these discussions do much to assist us. However some people must carry on the war through the internet. Thankfully, they have been few so far....

1]A Novi Sad web-site reports attempts by KLA/NATO sympathizers to manipulate their guestbook, no details just yet (I would assume the insertion of hostile javascripts into it). Unfortunately, the guestbook feature has now been disabled to discourage further attempts. To protect yourself from hostile scripts, turn off java in your browser's preferences command whenever visiting a contested page.

2] made veiled threats through an instant message to one of our supporters. "Tomorrow you will be pulling your hair out, my friend...paybacks are a bitch" - AOL's TOS bureau was notified by our supporter. Our supporter is not worried, however, noting, "Anyone foolish enough to make threats over a highly traceable network like AOL would probably end up hurting themselves more than their intended target."

   These are simply attempts by KLA supporters to carry out the same type of historical revisionism and silencing of enemies as has led to the current Kosovo tragedy. We will ruthlessly expose these terrorist tactics whenever we encounter them, and will take whatever measures must be taken to protect ourselves and our freedom of speech. And anyone that wishes to assault us will quickly find out that we are most definitely *not* be easy targets like the unarmed Serbian civilians they are used to bullying.