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Against NATO Aggression & KLA Terrorism!
For a united & sovereign Yugoslavia!

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   Welcome to the web page of the Yugoslavia Support Network. Whatever your reasons for coming here, we ask that you please just examine the material presented with an open mind. No one benefits from war in the Balkans - not Albanians, not Serbs, not Bosnians, not Croatians. In fact, the only thing to benefits from this war are the war machines of the NATO nations.
   Unfortunately, since Day 1, not only has the NATO assault targeted civilian targets, but an awesome campaign of vilification has accompanied the physical bombs in the media. People the NATO nations once called terrorists to be stamped out have become saints; many good, loyal Yugoslavian soldiers who simply see themselves as protecting their nation against terrorist attacks are labeled murderers; and NATO itself spits in the eye of peace as it is offered, choosing instead to continue its horrific bombings.
   This must end, and this is why we exist.

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